Welcome to the Stevenage FC History Website

Welcome to the Stevenage FC History Website, a site dedicated to the history of Stevenage FC since it’s formation in 1976.

The site is a non profit making, unofficial site which is looking to represent the history of the club in words and pictures and as such will evolve and mature in the coming weeks and months. We are looking to complement the excellent work undertaken by the Boroguide team by approaching the history of the club from a different angle, although naturally as both sites cover the history of the club some duplication of information is inevitable.

The webmasters are very conscious of copyright implications and therefore all images appearing on this site are used in good faith with wherever possible direct permission from the copyright owner has been received or as a minimum full credit will be given to the perceived owner of each image. Any breach of copyright is therefore purely unintentional but should you believe that your copyright has not been adequately acknowledged, please contact the webmasters for immediate resolution of the issue.

The history website would also like to thank Stevenage FC for their permission to utilise the club badge and images of the ground throughout this site.

Should anyone be in possession of historical photographs of the ground or players or have other pictures likely to be of interest to a history website then please contact us at webmaster@stevenagefchistory.com. Any pictures utilised will be acknowledged on the site as described above.

Considering its tender age, this great club of ours is steeped in history. The aim of this site is to ensure we capture the essence of the club, its rise through the footballing pyramid in an easy to read article or picture based format. Lets see how we get on!

The Webmasters
October 2012