Vauxhall Division 2 North Champions
FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round Lost 2-3 at home to Bishops Stortford


Doing the double win over…..

Collier Row Home (20th Aug) 2-1 Hughes, Ferdinand
Away (19th Jan) 0-3 Brown, Debnam, Blackwell
Witham Town Home (25th Aug) 2-0 Hughes, McComb
Away  (5th Jan) 0-3 Marshall (2), McGill
Tring Town Home (8th Sep) 5-1 Hughes (3), McComb, Blackwell
Away (29th Dec) 0-3 Brown (2), Cardines
Edgware Town Away (3rd Oct) 1-4 Hughes (2), Hardy, McComb
Home (2nd Mar) 3-2 Debnam, Luque, Hardy
Tilbury Away (13th Oct) 2-3 McComb (2), L Burns
Home (23rd Feb) 4-0 Hughes, Debnam, Hardy, Cardines
Barton Rovers Home (27th Oct) 3-0 Hughes (2), Debnam
Away (16th Mar) 0-2 Hughes, Cardines
Rainham Town Away (30th Oct) 0-1 Tonge
Home (26th Jan) 3-2 Cardines (2), Tonge
Clapton Home (10th Nov) 7-1 Cardines (2), Debnam, McGill, Brown, Marshall, OG
Away (13th Apr) 0-5 Debnam (2), Marshall, Whitehead, L Burns
Hornchurch Away (17th Nov) 1-3 Cardines, Brown, Hardy
Home (20th Apr) 7-0 Hughes (2), Debnam, Luque, Blackwell,  Marshall, OG
Billericay Town Away (1st Dec) 0-1 Hughes
Home (4th May) 2-0 Cardines, Debnam
Purfleet Home (8th Dec) 3-0 Hughes (2), Brown
Away (25th Mar) 1-3 Cardines (2), Brown
Finchley Away (15th Dec) 0-6 Cardines (3), Hughes (2), Hardy
Home (6th Apr) 7-0 Marshall (3), Hardy, L Burns, Debnam, Luque
Royston Town Home (22nd Dec) 2-1 Cardines, Blackwell
Away (30th Mar) 2-3 Hardy, Hughes, Cardines

On the receiving end

We weren’t!
The Kit


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