Phil Wallace Joins Boro

1999/2000 Pre-Season – Phil Wallace takes over as Chairman of the club

First Programme Notes – July 16th, 1999 – Stevenage Boro vs Aston Villa

Welcome to the first match of the season and, as most of you know, to my first match as Chairman of Boro.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve been waiting for this game.

After weeks of negotiations with my predecessor and a month of non-stop press interest, we’re finally getting down to what it’s all about – a football match – and I would like to express our sincere thanks, and our warmest welcome, to our Premiership guests for visiting us for a pre-season friendly this evening.

The welcome you gave me at the recent Q&A was very much appreciated and gives me even more reason to fight hard to make Stevenage Boro the best.

After eight years at my former club with miniscule crowds you don’t realise how much I value your support.

I’m sure there may be times in the future when, for whatever reason, you might not be so forgiving but I’ll always act in the best interests of this club and will always strive to win everything we possibly can.

Both Richard and I have high expectations for this season and RH is keen to keep his squad very tight.

Much has been made of our financial situation in the past few months and other clubs must have thought it was open season on our players, judging by the calls we’ve had, – but Richard’s been told there is no financial need to consider selling any players and he’s more than happy with what he’s got.

We mean business again and don’t be surprised if you hear about one or two more additions to the squad.

I am totally committed to success, both on and off the field, for Boro and to improving supporter care so I hope you begin to notice improvements within the next few months.

One of the first steps in our quest to bring better value to our supporters is the upgrade of the tea bars.

We can’t change the fabric of these buildings (yet!) but we can affect the service you receive, the quality of the food and the value for money.

Judy Crook has been driving these changes through and I’m sure they’ll be a few teething problems tonight because it is the first match, but we are working hard to improve things for you so please be a little understanding if some things do not go perfectly this evening.

Finally, our thanks again to the Villa management for visiting Broadhall Way and our best wishes for a great season in the Premiership.  RH and John Gregory are close friends and I hope they both get what they deserve – a championship season!