Steve Wignall


Steve Wignall

First Programme Notes

“These notes give me my first real chance to say hello to everyone.  I would particularly like to thank you for the fabulous reception which I received before the Tottenham game.

I must admit that the last week has seemed like a month to me, I have met so many friendly people and had a great welcome but already I know the size of the job which faces me.

The potential at this club is phenomenal and well documented, but there is now very little which stands between the Conference being a truly professional league.

This of course means it is that much tougher to win the title, but that is the target which we are all aiming for.

I was impressed when I first came to Stevenage, but I am afraid at the moment all teams love to come here.  That has to change, I don’t want to spoil the enjoyment of a visit to Broadhall Way for our guests, but we must soon get into the habit of taking all three points at home.

All in all though, there is a good team spirit here, and I refer to the entire staff, players and supporters of the club.

We must all work together to achieve our ambitions, and for my part in the coming weeks I will be using the time to assess the players currently here.  Whether or not they are on contracts, all I want to know is if they are prepared to take this club forward with me to achieve what I know you all want.”