Wayne Turner

 First Programme Notes

Hello, to everyone at BHW.  On behalf of myself and my assistant Gary Phillips, I would like to thank you all for turning out today.  If you are even half as excited about this venture as I am then we’re in for some good times together so let’s get all our positive heads on and give it a go !!

In football it is a fact of life that managers, and staff come and go and we all take these jobs with this fact in mind.  However, some of you must be sad that Paul and Kevin have departed and I along with you would like to wish them well in their futures.

As for our main targets at SBFC, I have two to think about, the immediate and the long term future.  Today and next week, I’ll be working on the immediate.  At present we have only got 16 fit players available, so you can see that we are down to our bare minimum.  With this we have already used up all our loans, so our options are extremely limited.  Having said this, I want to give these players every opportunity to show their worth.

We met for the first time on Thursday and their attitude and application to the ideas I showed them was first class, already they have reacted positively to a couple of themes I put on in training.  We also had a meeting and I painted them a picture of my footballing philosophy on how I expect my teams to play and again the feedback was very encouraging.

Finally, my decision to come to BHW . SBFC was made very easy by the chairman Phil Wallace.  We have been friends for several years and once my contractual negotiations with Peterborough had broken down there was only one place I wanted to be.  I had spoken to a couple of higher league clubs about other coaching positions, but the friendliness, the professionalism and the ambition of this place was a pure magnet.  Today is the first day of our NEW FUTURE.However, this won’t happen overnight.  But we will get us to where I want us to be  as soon as possible.  Today’s game against Margate is a great chance for us to start.  Initially all I want the players to do is express themselves and play with a free spirit but also with a discipline.  Simple football is effective football.  Tackle, pass the ball, cross and shoot, score goals.

Be loud, be proud and get behind the BORO.

Many thanks