Graham Westley

Program cover with Graham Westley

 First Programme Notes

“I am delighted to have been appointed to such a fantastic job as this one.  Stevenage is a huge club and I am delighted to have joined.  It possesses a fantastic infrastructure; a great staff, superb facilities, and a committed and talented board led by an excellent Chairman.  It enjoys a massive support which is renowned.

It is my first job to earn the respect of everybody at the club.  If I have done that by April then that will be good.  I will put my full energy into winning the points necessary to drive us into the mid table area by then and I know that my staff and players will do likewise.  My staff and players always do.

There is a lot of change to be made if the on field performances and results are to improve.  I am fortunate to bring some top drawer players with me from Farnborough to assist in making those changes.  They know what I expect and they will spread the news quickly amongst the players already at the club.  More signings will follow if they are needed.

I was not surprised by last Saturday’s display which was extremely poor.  Unfortunately, the showing demonstrated to me many things that I already believed.  Hopefully, none of us will be suffering displays like that in the future.

What you can expect from a Graham Westley team are these things; good fitness, hard work, strength, fierce determination to win, unity, purposeful possession and a confidence in its play.  My Farnborough teams went from strength to strength in the time that I was there.  A League Cup win became a League Championship win became a decent Conference start became a Play Off challenge became Highbury and a BBC Award.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my team necessarily show all of the necessary characteristics immediately.  But we will always improve.

I think we all know that we need to win some points quickly or else we could get involved in a fight against relegation.  And none of us want that.

It would be nice to start today with all 3 points against Jim Harvey’s talented side.  We can earn a maximum of 69 points this season and, difficult though it will be, I’d like to think that we can go some considerable way towards that.  My goal is to see how high we can finish in the league table of the last 15 games; a high position will do wonders for our Promotion confidence next season.

I anticipate a warm welcome and I thank you in advance.  My efforts will be all that you can hope for.  I can guarantee that.