Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor with Stevenage scarf


First Programme Notes

Program cover with Peter Taylor

“I’m delighted to be here and looking forward to the challenge of helping to make Stevenage a Football League club.  I have been impressed with everything that I have seen since I have been here especially the support that the club is capable of getting.  The players have been first class and are showing the attitude needed to do well here.  I also want to welcome Steve Butler as my assistant he has been with me at other clubs and I know that he will work hard here.  He also tells me that he was a good centre forward at Broadhall Way.

Our first game was Northwich which was a good result, a 2-0 away win and at a time when Northwich showed good quality and fighting spirit.  So it was not an easy game.  After that we played Exeter in the FA Cup and came out 2nd best all afternoon.  So Exeter go through because they deserve to, we made mistakes and we were punished.  I’m not pleased to be out of the cup but I am happy that that performance was early on so I can look at things where we must be better – to carry on with our good start to the season.

As I said it’s a challenge that I am looking forward to.  I’m sure there will be good days and bad days but as long as you see committed players doing everything they can to win a game I know that you will give them the encouragement to do even more.  Home support is crucial to us all so get behind the team today.

 Enjoy the game