Paul Fairclough (2)


Paul Fairclough

First programme notes (2nd tenure) – Millwall 15th July, 2000

De Ja vous!
There’s been sufficient documentation about my return to the Boro’ so let’s just finish it by saying I feel proud, honoured and privileged to be back at the helm of the best club in the world.
As always, the close season has been all about the chase! I am pleased with all the captures and am confident there will be a few more acquisitions before the big kick off.

Nathan Bunce will not take any prisoners, Christian Metcalfe has the tools to open any defence, Paul Wilkerson is a mountain of a man and will make our goal look terrifyingly small to opposing forwards, Neil Illman has been a thorn in the side for us in the past and his needles will be even sharper whilst wearing the Boro colours and Darren Hay is eager and hungry to maintain his staggering record of scoring a goal in almost every two games throughout his career.


Kevin Hales
Another important and quality acquisition was the appointment of Kevin Hales as assistant manager. Kevin has the experience of having played 350 league games of which 30 were for Chelsea. He is a fully qualified FA coach with a vast repertoire of skills and technical ideas that will enhance the coaching set up. Kevin was the first phone call I made after my appointment and we have been joined at the hip since the end of May. We are working together to reinstate Boro’ as the leading force in the Conference.

I’d like to offer a warm welcome to everyone involved with Millwall Football Club and in particular to joint managers Alan McCleery and Keith Stevens. They should be applauded for their gallant attempt to gain promotion to Division One. Failing at the play-off stage is of course disappointing but hopefully the experience of last season will bear fruit this time around.

I am confident we are all set to share another exciting chapter in the history of our great club.

Let the show begin…