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Stevenage Football Club for permission to reproduce the following throughout the site;

Images of the club crest both past and present
Images of the Lamex Stadium
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It should be noted that the history website has sought express approval from the club and that Stevenage Football Club retain the copyright of the images and content reproduced on the history website and  therefore no images or material on our site should be reproduced elsewhere without gaining the necessary approval directly from  the  club and not the history website.

Special Thanks

The Comet Newspaper for agreeing to be  the picture sponsors for the history website.

Matt Ranson for the reproduction of his copyrighted images originally published in the official match day programmes.

Stuart Govier for similar images and the sourcing of all images originally published  in the official match day programmes.

Chris Day for the help given to the site with regards to the sourcing of match day programmes.

All images contained within the history website are reproduced with the kind permission of the Comet Newspaper unless otherwise stated.  The Comet retain the copyright of the images and therefore no images appearing on this site should be reproduced elsewhere without gaining the necessary approval directly from the Comet newspaper.

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Other Images

Other images will appear on the history website provided by players, other sites and hopefully in the future fellow Stevenage FC supporters.  These images will be given full credit and the same protection as the other images, the only difference being that they will be acknowledged on the article page itself rather than this page.  It is the responsibility of anyone wanting to utilise these images to contact the copyright owner to gain permission to reuse and not to contact the history website for permission.


Boroguide has been a fantastic Stevenage FC resource for over a decade.  The aim of this site is to complement the work undertaken by the Boroguide team by approaching the history of this great club of ours from a different angle.

That said, we are both history websites and therefore some overlap is inevitable.  The history website in the creation of it’s articles has and will continue to use Boroguide as a resource and fully acknowledge the extensive data they have on the club and the help this has been to this website.

Should anyone feel that their copyright has not been acknowledged sufficiently or completely overlooked please accept our apologies as this will have occurred unintentionally, and contact for immediate resolution of the issue.

Paul Kennedy and Darren Lampert
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